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Women and girls’ mobility is critical on many levels. Without access to effective transport women cannot access the food and healthcare they need for household survival. They cannot get to work or run businesses, and their vital contribution to economies is stifled.
Yet transport is not inclusive for women and girls, particularly in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs), and the COVID-19 pandemic has spotlighted and grown existing inequalities.

Our research examines the intersection between gender, transport and poverty as well as highlighting concerns around women’s safety and security on public transport.
We explore the policies, strategies and tools needed to enhance women’s inclusion in public transport in LMICs.

The Situation

HVT research found that:

Our Impact

The EMPOWER project’s SHE-CAN online tool assists policy makers and transport providers in sub-Saharan Africa to collect data on the sexual harassment that women face when travelling in their cities.

I believe working on the EMPOWER project was the first time in Nigeria that the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs were brought together. Fatima Adamu, Executive Director, Nana Girls and Women

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