This project examines the extent of the knowledge, tools and policies in place and the requirements needed to increase transport resilience to climate change adaptation across LICs in Africa and South Asia.

Potential Impact
Increased institutional and operational capacity for decision makers and transport stakeholders in LICs in adaptation planning. Consequently, this reduces the risk of future transport disruption to the impacts of extreme weather and projected changes in climate.

Study Country
LICs in Africa and South Asia.

Research Supplier
University of Birmingham
Andrew Quinn – Team Leader

The research is conducted through a combination of primary and secondary qualitative analyses: literature review, transport stakeholder interviews, workshops and capability assessments of tools and policy. The research activities engaged with stakeholders such as road and rail infrastructure practitioners across LICs and LMICs in Africa and South Asia.

The research outputs include a policy guide for transport stakeholders in LICs in Africa and South Asia, providing systematic guidance on how to scope, develop and implement climate change adaptation plans for transport infrastructure.

Research Publications

State of Knowledge Report