This study is assessing the policy transition, engagement with the sector and routes towards low carbon mobility.

This research project will be looking at the following themes and research questions:

  • Policy transition: What are the current attitudes towards and policy positions with respect to informal transport sector/s?
  • Engaging with the sector: What is the organisational make-up of the sector/s and with which actors can we best engage?
  • Routes towards low carbon mobility: What are the most promising strategic ‘routes’ and actions for low carbon mobility?

Potential Impact
Transitioning the policy debate, stakeholder relations and informal transport services for a low carbon future. Research on the role of informal transport in the global south and how this can be transformed to a cleaner, more affordable, and efficient solution for HVT across West Africa.

Study Country
Southern Africa Cluster: South Africa | Mozambique | Zimbabwe
Western Africa Cluster: Ghana | Sierra Leone

Research Supplier
Laurie Pickup | Project Director

City authorities with different levels of institutional capacity, and organisations that work closely with city authorities on sustainable mobility planning. Their methodology is shown below:








The TRANSITIONS Routemap Tool will be used to help shape a policy and action plans for low carbon, good quality and safe transit involving the informal sector/s.

COVID-19 Response
Vectos are trying to understand the implications of restrictions for informal transport sector/s, in relation to usage and financial sustainability. They are also monitoring the actions of city authorities in relation to informal transport sectors.

Research Publications

TRANSITIONS – Informal Transport Compendium Report