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Transport Scoping Study for Ghana

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) Ghana has been working with the Government of Ghana to develop a transport sector programme which aims to improve river and road transport along corridors that connect poor communities and regions of the north to the economic hubs and markets of the south.

Under the HVT Programme, DT Global is undertaking a limited study to clearly define the needs and scope of potential support through discussions and consultation with the government, FCDO Ghana, transport sector stakeholders and affected communities.

The overall objective of the study, entitled the Transport Scoping Study for Ghana, is to contribute to poverty reduction and improved security through improved multi-modal transport connectivity, whilst enhancing knowledge and capacity. The study aims to identify potential opportunities and key challenges to north-south multi-modal transport routes, research gaps and determine a prioritised research agenda that can facilitate the transition to low carbon, long distance and urban transport.

During the initial phases of the study, the team consulted a number of stakeholders and undertook several field visits to areas of interest to the study, including lake transport zones in the north and south, communities along the eastern and western sides, and transport corridors in the south.

During October 2023, a one-day workshop took place in Accra. The purpose of the workshop was to present the preliminary findings of the study to stakeholders, to validate the key issues found and the potential recommendations. Participants included stakeholders from government agencies, development partners, private sector organisations, NGOs, academia and civil society. In total, 32 people participated in the workshop and the issues were ranked in terms of importance. The results from the workshop will feed into the final report of this research.