High Volume Transport

Vital transport research to ensure accessible, affordable and climate friendly transport for all.

Making High Quality Data and Models Accessible

Monday 4th December 2023 (3-4.30pm UAE)

Location: CCG Side Event at Voco(r) Bonnington Dubai,  Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Cluster J PO Box 37246 Dubai.

Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs), with international partners’ support, are committed to take action to decarbonise the transport sector while growing their economy. Science-based modelling of how to transition to a low carbon transport system is an important tool to ensure informed policy making and future investment. To enable better decision making and modelling, publicly available transport data are essential. However, reliable data remains, at best, difficult to access across many fragmented databases. This session will share and discuss the latest development on transport data and modelling activities and how they can support a just transition towards low carbon transport in LMICs.

The session will include the Transport Data Commons Initiative (TDCI) as well as innovative modelling approaches of decarbonisation pathways underway at CCG and ADB, and the latest HVT project being carried out by SLOCAT on a diagnostic toolkit to identify key barriers to surface transport decarbonisation.