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Launch of ‘Reimagining Motion’, the new podcast series from HVT

The first season of HVT’s brand new podcast series, Reimagining Motion, launches today with a four-part season about transit-oriented development (TOD) speaking with transport and urban experts from around the globe.

In urban planning, TOD is a type of development that can enable residents to live closer to jobs and services and reduce the time and environmental burden of transport and boost economic growth. It has become a leading trend for urban planning in recent decades, adopted primarily in wealthier countries. In this podcast series we explore if TOD is or can be beneficial to low-income countries, and how it might be implemented.

Using ongoing HVT research into TOD in developing countries, we will explore case studies and newly developed frameworks offering insights and practical ideas for a TOD approach.

The Reimagining Motion podcast is available on any podcast outlet, including Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts.

Hosted by Holger Dalkmann, CEO and Founder at Sustain 2030, the first series features the following episodes:

Episode 1:  Inclusive transit-oriented development with Jacob Mason of IDTP

We talk to Jacob Mason of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy about TOD as a mode for development in African cities. In their latest research for HVT, the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) have developed a guidance toolkit of inclusive TOD as part of local area planning in eastern Africa.

Episode 2: Using data to understand transit needs with Philip Krause of GoAscendal

In this episode we talk to Phillip Krause of African Urban Mobility Observatory about how data is essential to TOD design and implementation. What role does data play in TOD design and implementation? How can it be used to leverage policy change?

Episode 3: TOD and post-COVID mobility with Rutul Joshi of CEPT University, India

Rutul Joshi explores urban planning in Indian cities as well as how COVID has influenced wider discussions on TOD, asking what differences are there compared to other parts of the world?

Episode 4: Informal transport and TOD with Tim Durant of Vectos.

Tim Durant of Vectos talks about the informal public transport sector and its effects on urban development, climate change and affordable mobility.

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