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Greener transport must be inclusive transport: the road to a just transition

Friday 8th December 2023, (1-3pm UAE)

Location: University of Birmingham Dubai, Dubai International Academic City

Any further delay in a concerted global action to address climate change will miss the brief, rapidly closing window to secure a liveable future. And transport emissions – far from reducing – are growing faster than other economic sectors. But the drive to greener transport is a complicated balance with very different challenges for middle- and low-income countries (LMCs) compared to wealthy ones.

As current transport systems come under strain from climate change, it is the disadvantaged groups such as old, disabled, young and women who suffer the most with transport that does not meet their needs.  According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we need to move toward climate resilient development, with solutions that involve marginalized groups; prioritises equity and justice; and reconciles different interests, values and world views.

This session explores why and how the move towards greener, resilient transport must be a just transition that does not leave anybody behind. The latest research from HVT will be discussed as part of wider debate asking questions such as what benefits does a just transition offer for tackling climate change? Who is responsible for a just transition? What are the current obstacles for inclusive transport that is greener and resilient to climate change? And how to we overcome them?