High Volume Transport

Vital transport research to ensure accessible, affordable and climate friendly transport for all.

Finding the way to greener transport infrastructures

Thursday 7th December, 2023 (1-3pm UAE)

Location: University of Birmingham Dubai, Dubai International Academic City

Transport infrastructure is the backbone to strong economies and communities, but these infrastructures are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Floods can wash out roads and cut off supply chains; storms disrupt services and extreme heat buckle train lines. Low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are particularly vulnerable, often experiencing the most severe of weather events.

And transport is not only feeling the force of climate change but is contributing to it – responsible for almost a quarter of the energy related carbon emissions. LMICs are traditionally not the main contributors to transport carbon emissions compared to the rest of the world, but as their economies grow, so do their potential emissions.

This session explores what it takes to develop greener transport infrastructures for LMICs and draws on key research from HVT to explore questions including how can LMICs build infrastructure that is greener and resilient for everything from road to rail, from public transport to walking and cycling? What adaptation is needed, and how can this be achieved?