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Action Agenda for COVID response in Low-Income Countries

Check out these ideas for an action agenda to respond to COVID in transport systems in Low-Income Countries.  This preview executive summary has been published ahead of a more detailed report as a contribution to ongoing dialogue aimed at strengthening international collaboration around COVID 19 response and recovery. The full report will be published in mid-June. It will examine what has happened in the international transport community during the last month since the publication of this report.  While progress had been made with more awareness and attention to LICs, a more common and coordinated action is suggested to accelerate the impact of the responses.

This summary elaborates on the original eight areas for suggested action. It provides ideas and initiatives such as knowledge products, common campaigns and investments that could be taken forward by the international transport community. It is intended to help inform the COVID 19 action response and open this to alignment with the climate and SDG agenda during and beyond recovery.