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Action Agenda published

Since the outbreak of the pandemic many international transport institutions were active in providing advice related to their specific areas of focus. We found that most of this advice is related to experiences in high-income countries. There is less information about issues that affect low-income countries such as the informal transport sector – a crucial part of the day to day mobility in many African and Asian cities – or the impact on food security through restricting border controls. 

This report addresses the new challenges faced by international transport stakeholders as they look to support countries as they emerge from lockdown. The report continues to contribute to the debate on actions to align COVID-19 responses with the climate change and sustainable development agenda by:

According to the lead author, Holger Dalkmann, “The transport sector is in the heart of the COVID crisis. We have a chance to use the pandemic to improve future mobility now keeping cleaner air, less road fatalities and better access, if we collectively act now”

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