High Volume Transport

Vital transport research to ensure accessible, affordable and climate friendly transport for all.



This study assesses the policy transition, engagement with the sector and routes towards low carbon mobility.

This research project looks at the following themes and research questions:

Potential impact

Transitioning the policy debate, stakeholder relations and informal transport services for a low carbon future. Research on the role of informal transport in the global south and how this can be transformed to a cleaner, more affordable, and efficient solution for HVT across West Africa.


City authorities with different levels of institutional capacity, and organisations that work closely with city authorities on sustainable mobility planning. Their methodology is shown below:


The TRANSITIONS Routemap Tool will be used to help shape a policy and action plans for low carbon, good quality and safe transit involving the informal sector/s.

COVID-19 Response

Vectos are trying to understand the implications of restrictions for informal transport sector/s, in relation to usage and financial sustainability. They are also monitoring the actions of city authorities in relation to informal transport sectors.