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Road design guideline considering three-wheeler slow-moving vehicles (Tri-SMVs) for urban and rural roads of Bangladesh (T-TRIID)


 Tri-SMVs make up as much as 80% of the traffic in Bangladesh, but the roads are largely designed for motorised vehicles with four or more wheels. This creates safety and comfort issues for Tri-SMV drivers and passengers, significantly affecting the mobility of vulnerable groups. This project aims to develop road design guidelines for Bangladesh which accommodate three-wheeled vehicles, enabling users to travel more safely.

Potential Impact

People using three-wheeled vehicles in Bangladesh will be able to travel more comfortably, without risk of accident or injury.


 Opinion surveys will be carried out:

Once the concerns have been quantified, best practices for road design will be developed for each identified concern, such as the design of speed bumps to accommodate three-wheelers.


The development of a set of road design guidelines for Bangladesh which take into consideration the many three-wheeled vehicles on the country’s roads. This could also be shared in other low-income countries where three-wheeled vehicle travel is widely used.