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Policy and regulation development for motorcycle taxi safety in Nepal (T-TRIID)


 Despite the high number of road traffic deaths in Nepal involving motorcycles (43%), which are often used as taxis, policy makers are reluctant to formalise them as a form of public transport and users rate them poorly. This is largely due to the perceived safety risks of motorcycle taxis.

This research will gather data on motorcycle taxi related deaths and injuries in Nepal, and develop options for change, including the allocation of road space, passenger safety and using cleaner vehicles.

Potential Impact

This research would increase awareness of the issue by demonstrating that everyone has a part to play, leading to change in practice by regulators, operators, users, the police and highway engineers. This would in turn lead to an improvement in the safety of motorcycle taxis and result in fewer people being killed or injured due to accidents involving them.


 Evidence will be gathered by:


Public transport users would benefit by having access to safer, more regulated motorcycle taxis, which may include the provision of a helmet and separated road space. Other road users would benefit through a reduced likelihood of collision between motorcycle taxis and other road users and through increased use of electric vehicles.

Operators and rideshare app platforms would benefit from policies that allow them to make a profit while providing a safe, clean and convenient form of transport.