High Volume Transport

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Novel traction systems for sustainable railway futures in LICs


The research project intends to explore cost-effective traction solutions for sustainable railway futures in Sub-Saharan African low-income countries.

This project will look at the following research questions.

Potential impact

The adoption of zero-emission solutions to replace diesel traction in African railways. This research will develop and promote further knowledge and capacity on cost-effective zero-emission railway traction systems.


A framework for zero emission traction solutions based on traffic volume projections gathered via stakeholder engagement will be designed.


The outputs of this research project will be valuable to state-owned and private railway operators, government bodies and regulators, funders and industry.

COVID-19 Response

This project will increase stakeholder engagement through virtual platforms, ensuring that the knowledge produced during the project is easily available online. The project will send short and directed surveys to collect the necessary information for modelling purposes, and will disseminate online videos on retrofitting specifications. Where necessary local partners will be used to support efforts in country.