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Freight emission index for heritage city of Ahmedabad (T-TRIID)


Road freight demand in India is expected to grow by five times by 2050, fuelling emissions and putting pressure on the challenge to decarbonise transport. This project specifically explores air pollution as a key factor in the degradation of historical buildings and monuments, with a focus on the walled city of Ahmedabad.

The research will devise a freight emissions index for heritage cities, designed to measure emissions, provide a set of key indicators for decision-makers and develop a mitigation plan for reducing freight emissions in these areas .

Potential Impact

The project aims to:


The research will consist firstly of a literature review, followed by surveys which will analyse commodities based on their emissions and efficiency. Once this analysis and measurement has been completed, a freight emissions index of commodities will be developed.


Development of strategies to mitigate emissions from freight on historic buildings and monuments. Development of an understanding of freight emissions at the micro-level.