High Volume Transport

Vital transport research to ensure accessible, affordable and climate friendly transport for all.

Climate Parliament: Improving Engagement of HVT Flagship Projects


The main aim of this project is to engage at an early stage with key decision makers through a network of international multi-partisan legislators with an interest in combating climate change that represent the Global South and introduce them to the outline and approach of the two flagship projects: ACF and TDI.

Their views and input will be sort over the course of the projects that could help to shape subsequent activity with the aim of achieving greater acceptability and application of the outputs of these research projects.

Based on their global network of legislators, the Climate Parliament have been chosen to set up and host a series of 3 Virtual Parliamentary Roundtables (VPRs) to discuss transport decarbonisation and access to finance with African and South-Asian legislators.

This roundtable series build on previous engagement with Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Global South on transport decarbonisation with the HVT programme.