Study Title
How exposed have transport workforces been to COVID-19 and what solutions are available to reduce risk and exposure? Case Study Dar Es Salaam Region.

The study produced a COVID-19 risk reduction programme for the transport workforce in Tanzania in their day-to-day operations to maximise workforce safety.

Potential Impact
Measures to reduce the COVID-19 impact on the transport workforce in Tanzania and that are also applicable to other land-locked countries in the region.

Study Country

Future Target Countries
Rwanda | DRC | Uganda | Zambia | Kenya | South Sudan

Research Supplier
Hudumaplus Company Ltd
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COVID-19 Challenge
COVID-19 is putting the lives of the transport workforce at risk in the landlocked countries in East Africa of Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. Dar es Salaam region was selected as the main study area because it is a major international trade gateway to the landlocked countries. A major challenge is the use of PPE at workplaces and its impact on the capacity of organisations to deliver operational services. This affects drivers, goods handlers, and frontline customer service staff.

Data were collected on how COVID-19 is affecting the operations of transport companies. Interviews were conducted with drivers, goods handlers, frontline staffs and managerial staff to assess ways to effectively maintain operational safely. These activities were based on our experience in developing post crisis response frameworks (FCRFs) and post disaster needs assessment (PDNAs).

The study has resulted in a policy brief with insights for policymakers, transport operators, and other transport stakeholders as a guideline to proactive planning. A programme of measures has been developed to reduce and/or mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the transport workforce in Tanzania.

The study report has been submitted to institutes, such as Surface Transport Authority (LATRA) and Maritime Transport Authority (TASAC). The report will be widely circulated in Tanzania and region through organisations, such as the Tanzania Private Sector Logistics and the quarterly journal on Corridor Transport Observatory.

This is a dissemination platform that is circulated regionally to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC. The report will also be disseminated in workshops and seminars of University of Dar es Salaam Business School and the National Institute of Transport.